Wordpress 101


1.Started German

2.Started this WordPress

3.started drinking that protein shake .

Later in time I shall use more words(Spanish and possibly German).


A low-calorie diet creates a calorie deficit, but the high carbohydrates keep insulin high and prevent the body from burning fat. Without fat available for fuel, the body has to rely on carbohydrates from the diet, which keeps carb cravings painfully high. The dietary carbohydrates contribute part of the energy needs, but not all, so the body’s metabolic rate often drops to save energy. When the body’s metabolic rate adjusts, weight loss efforts stop. The two options are to eat even fewer calories, or give up.

Instead, focus on eating the right foods and only eating when you have true hunger. It requires a lot less mental focus and you’ll be more happy with the results

40/40/20.I keep forgetting this ..

And second:I NEED low intensity activity.


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